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Reinforce SPaG classroom based teaching with fun and engaging learning resources for KS1 and KS2

Spagtastic mobile app showing the home screen
Spagtastic mobile app showing student tasks
Spagtastic mobile app showing a question
Spagtastic mobile app showing a question
Spagtastic mobile app showing a question
Spagtastic mobile app showing a question
Spagtastic mobile app showing a question
Spagtastic mobile app showing a spelling question
Spagtastic mobile app showing the feedback screen
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Mobile friendly

Students can complete their online SPaG learning wherever they are using a range of mobile, tablet and desktop devices.


Teachers can analyse results by skill, identify gaps in knowledge and individualise future tasks.

Instant feedback

Quizzes are marked question by question allowing students to immediately see how they are doing. If there is a misconception, the correct answer is shown, allowing students to improve as they progress through a quiz.

SATs preparation

Spagtastic presents SPaG questions in a variety of different ways, with eight question types that closely mimic SATs style questions.


With thousands of spelling, punctuation and grammar SPaG questions available, fully linked to National Curriculum requirements, students will quickly be able to build their confidence and skills.

Tutorial videos

Short, clear tutorials are available to help explain key grammatical concepts before a student completes a quiz.

School and teacher functionality

A screenshot of the assignment summary in the teacher app.


The teacher dashboard gives teachers the tools to manage students, set tasks and analyse progress against each of the English National Curriculum objectives for spelling, punctuation and grammar SPaG. Within a few simple steps, teachers can quickly set a task by selecting one or more objectives. The results are instantly available and can be analysed individually or by group. The results of tasks are also summarised by curriculum objective, allowing the teacher to identify gaps in knowledge and target additional support as required. Objectives that show underperformance are automatically identified by Spagtastic allowing the teacher to quickly set personalised tasks.

Flexible SPaG tasks

Teachers are able to select the SPaG questions that they wish to set for a task from single or multiple objectives. This allows teachers to either create focused tasks based on a single objective (for example, after teaching a particular objective) or select multiple objectives to create a consolidation task (for example, setting an end of key stage task covering all objectives from a range of year groups). After selecting the objectives for a task, teachers can then either pick the questions that they wish to include or opt for the computer to randomly choose questions for them. With over 3000 questions, there are endless possibilities for creating your own bespoke tasks.

A screenshot showing how to set an assignment in the teacher app.

Student Web App

A screenshot showing a student answering a question correctly in the student app.


The student interface is clear, engaging and easy to use. As soon as students login they can see their homework tasks and the date they are due. Rewards are collected when students complete their tasks, helping to promote high self-esteem and build confidence. Parents are able to see how their child is doing as instant feedback is given for each question.

Parents often find it difficult to support young learners with grammar skills so not only can they see how their child is progressing, they can watch the video tutorials together before completing the quizzes, which helps support learning at home.

Spagtastic is mobile friendly, meaning that for students without access to a desktop or laptop computer, learning can be completed on a mobile or tablet device.


Spagtastic offers students the opportunity to guide their own learning, selecting objectives that they feel they need to practise, allowing them to work independently.

When completing the self-study grammar or skill quizzes, students are shown a visual indicator of progress towards mastery and they can collect stickers as they progress. Each skill has a heart image which shows how 'healthy' the skill is. To top up the health, simply have another go at a quiz.

Definitions are provided for key terminology so if a student needs a reminder of what a particular word means, they can click on the word and a definition is given along with an example.

On their homepage, students are able to customise and name their robot avatar in a few simple steps. A student can quickly see the number of gems they have been awarded and the badges they have collected.

A screenshot showing the skills summary page of the students app.

About us

A photo of the owner of Spagtastic

Why was Spagtastic created?

As a teacher and parent myself, I felt that there was a need for a high-quality, interactive SPaG resource that would allow children to consolidate classroom-based learning at home but also enable parents to support their child. Parents often want to help their child but do not always have the subject knowledge to do this. Spagtastic removes this barrier as every grammar and punctuation objective has a short, clear video tutorial that allows parents and children to learn together. As a classroom teacher, I am also conscious that many children that I teach do not have access to a desktop device so it was important to create a resource that also works on a wide range of tablets and mobiles. From my ten-year-old daughter’s perspective, the resource had to be interactive, colourful and enjoyable to use.
— Gillian, Owner of Spagtastic


Spagtastic offer a simple pricing structure where you simply pay for the number of student accounts that you require (not how many students are on roll). Teacher accounts are included in the price and you can always add more student accounts in the future if required. If you wish to get a price for more than 1000 students or if you are enquiring as part of a family of schools, please get in touch for our personalised pricing plans.


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